Nothing Hurts  

"I will look forward to see how the concept and design of movement are practiced in a larger scale production."

— Feedback from the journalist of Arts Plus Taiwan

*Nominated for the 2016 Annual Best Program of Taipei Guling Street Avant-Garde Theater
*Sponsored by Department of Culture Affairs, Taipei City Government

Premiere | May. 5, 2016
Taipei Guling Street Avant-Garde Theater

Script by Falk Richter
Translated by Betty Yichun Chen
Choreographed by Pin-Wen Su
Performed by Hsin-Yen Tseng , Ya-Wei Chang, You-We Lee, Yu-Min Huang
Sound designed by Ge-wei Lin, and associated with Jessie Chiu
Stage desigend by Yuan-Hao Cheng
Light designed by Yang-ching Su

Videos designed by  Wang
Costume designed by Juby Chiu
Photographed by Sherry Huang, and Hsin-Che Lee



HOYA Collective, Taiwan
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